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A tour to the Dolphinarium is a complete family enjoyment. The cooled environment enables a friendly situation to be in Dolphinarium, regardless of whether you visit during the day with the sun high up in the sky. Ends of the week are busy and with a low seating limit, so it is to guide you that you should buy your tickets ahead of time in order to avoid any inconvenience or queue.

We also have Dubai Atlantis hotel dolphin show and swim with dolphin.

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Seal Show in Dolphinarium Dubai

The dolphin and seal show is a spontaneous encounter that shows the enormous abilities, physical and mental, that these creatures have. From falling in order to move, juggling and getting it done, the dolphin and seal show is certain to win your hearts. So, don’t miss this show and book your tickets. Both of these lovely animals will surely make your day.

Enjoy Swimming with Dolphins

If you love to swim then Dolphinarium is the best place in Dubai As the it enables you to collaborate and swim with the dolphins. From poolside communications to swimming with the dolphins in the water, this experience furnishes you with the amazing chance to meet these unbelievable creatures. This is the total supervision of master coaches to don’t need to worry about. For those searching for an intense dolphin experience, this is a rare opportunity to swim with these adorable animals.

Unbelievable Mirror Labyrinth

The mirror labyrinth is one of the best time and testing puzzle encounters in Dubai. One needs to experience a distressing maze that is made of reflecting glass and discover exit by  utilizing their senses of touch and direction. It is safe to say that you are prepared for the test? Then book your tickets now to test your abilities and enhance them to another level.

Enjoy birds Strange Show

Home of more than 20 types of parrots and colorful winged animals, the River Park extraordinary fowl show is the main flying creature appear in Dubai and an absolute necessity to see. This engaging background will stun you as these keen winged animals perform traps and fly over your heads. Enjoy this exotic bird show!

The 5D/7D True to life Experience

5D/7D is the eventual fate of a film. 5D/7D Film joins the special visualization of 3D films alongside a bunch of physical vibes that not just enable you to see and feel the motion pictures, yet become a piece of it as you venture in and shoot on focuses also. The experience is an extremely exceptional one and is visited by a huge number of individuals consistently.

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