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Dubai underwater zoo gives one more motivation to visit this fantastic universe of luxury brands and high design. Probably the best spot to visit with children, the Dubai underwater zoo has three primary areas that offer boundless marine investigation through interesting encounters.

Situated on level two over the aquarium tank, this zoo enables you to find the amazing scope of sea-going creatures through 40 distinctive performance tanks. Including three distinct biological systems: Rainforest, Rough Shore and Living Sea, here is your opportunity to spot captivating animals like the Humboldt Penguin, Piranha, African Diminutive Person Crocodile, Mammoth Insect Crabs, Otters, Lionfish thus some more.

Things to Know Before You Go

If you are animal lover then you must go to this place.

The Zoo is visited mostly by strollers and wheelchairs

Spare at least your two hours to thoroughly visit the every place and animal.

Book your tour with us right now to avoid any long lines and disappointments.


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Enjoy Shark dives

Those looking for more noteworthy adrenaline streams can pick the shark jump understanding by diving into the understandings of the 10-million-liter tank for a meeting with the sand tiger sharks at the underwater zoo.

Meet the Crocodile king

It is without a doubt a mind-blowing experience when you meet the most dominant reptile on the planet appraising an astounding 750Kgs, Amazement, dread, thrill are the numerous feelings that gone through you watch the superb animal in its controlled natural surroundings.

Enjoy Scuba diving

This is the ideal spot to make your falling dream a reality with an expert 2 day PADI approval course. The adaptable scuba jumping course for beginners under the direction of master jumpers is an incredible open door for satisfying your fantasy of being an expert scuba jumper.

Enjoy Swimming

Simply put on your swimming rigging and prepare for an insane dunk into the energetic marine universe of underwater zoo’s huge tank with its bunch bright species and many sharks and beams. You can look in amazement at the excellent underwater world wake up from the security of you confine.

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